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Theatre - Japanese Culture Inside Japan Tours

Bunraku is a form of traditional puppet theatre, founded in Osaka in 1684. Bunraku performances feature wooden puppets and involve puppeteers, chanters, and shamisen musicians.The construction of the puppets and their costumes requires great skill, and various performers and puppet-makers have been designated Living National Treasures in Japan today.

Dayak people - Wikipedia

The Dayak / ˈ d aɪ. ə k / or Dyak or Dayuh are the native people of Borneo. It is a loose term for over 200 riverine and hill-dwelling ethnic subgroups, located principally in the central and southern interior of Borneo, each with its own dialect, customs, laws, territory and culture, although common distinguishing traits are readily identifiable.

Things to Do on Holiday - Not In The Guide Books

Travel activities for adults include a whole host of once in a lifetime food and drink adventures, from experiencing the authentic daily routine of the farm, at Farm to Fable in Sri Lanka, to the Screw It Wine Tour in Cape Town, or the Whiskey Making Adventure in Edinburgh.

Seychelles - Wikitravel

The Seychelles are a group of 115 islands, only a few inhabited, in the Indian Ocean that lie off the coast of East Africa, northeast of Madagascar.. Understand []. The Seychelles were disputed between France and Great Britain during the age of colonialism, with Britain ending up in control in 1814 after the Napoleonic Wars.

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2-Page Mini Lessons. China plans to reduce single-use plastics. 22nd January - "Harder" China has unveiled ambitious plans to drastically reduce single-use plastics by 2025. One in five deaths worldwide due to sepsis. 20th January - "Easier" Everyone knows the names of big killers like cancer, but one in five deaths is due to sepsis.

Culture of South Korea - Wikipedia

The contemporary culture of South Korea developed from the traditional culture of Korea which was prevalent in the early Korean nomadic tribes. By maintaining thousands of years of ancient Korean culture, with influence from ancient Chinese culture, South Korea split on its own path of cultural development away from North Korean culture since the division of Korea in 1948.

15 Exciting Water Sports In Maldives For Your Adrenaline Fix

Dec 12, 2019 · It is undoubtedly one of the best water sports in Maldives. Best time to revel in this sport:January to April Swimming:Not Required Tips:Do fix your oxygen masks well on your face. Approximate Cost:Around 150 USD. Further Read:10 Fascinating Places To Wake Up On Your First Anniversary. This was a quick guide to make the most of water

The Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism Behind African

May 18, 2016 · The crocodile is regarded as a sacred animal is parts of Africa. It represents protection, and is seen as a spiritual being who wards off evil. In Gambia, the crocodile is even stamped on the country’s currency, and a sacred crocodile pool called Kachikaly serves as a prayer-ground for visitors. The elephant is a popular symbol in African art

Bali - Wikipedia

Bali (/ ˈ b ɑː l i /) is a province of Indonesia and the westernmost of the Lesser Sunda Islands.Located east of Java and west of Lombok, the province includes the island of Bali and a few smaller neighbouring islands, notably Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan.The provincial capital, Denpasar, is the most populous city in the Lesser Sunda Islands and the second largest, after

The Best Modern Japanese Literature Five Books Expert

To the western eye, Japan often appears as a surprising combination of very advanced development, and extreme cultural peculiarity. Linda Flores, Associate Professor of modern Japanese literature at the University of Oxford, guides us through this discovery with

The best holiday destinations for every month of the year

2) Where to go on holiday in February - Sri Lanka For us, February holidays are all about escaping to the sun when cold British weather bites and our minds are firmly set on exotic places.

10 Best Shopping Experiences in Bali - What to Buy and

There are plenty of shopping experiences in Bali, from modern malls offering international brands, to artisan villages specialising in traditional crafts and art forms. The island is also home to international designer brands, many of which have flagship boutiques in the more touristy resort areas like Kuta and Legian. Markets are some of the best places

14 Ancient Architectures of India That Will Make You Proud

Dec 07, 2019 · The twelve caves of the Buddhist group speaks about the benevolence of this calm religion, Buddhism. The ‘Cavern of the Ten Avatars’ is a majestic art piece constructed under the reign of Krishna I. The ethnicity of Jain group is well reflected by the sanctuaries carved by the Digambra sect of this pure religion. These gems of art are the


Biden set to make risky economic argument against Trump Campaign. Joe Biden is taking on President Trump over the economy.The former vice president’s campaign believes he has an opening with

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Open Access journals are the major source of knowledge for young and aspiring generations who are keen in pursuing a career in sciences. This system provides easy access to networks of scientific journals.Authors that contribute their scholarly works to Open Access journals gain remarkable reputation as the research scholarly explore these works extensively.

Fodor’s Go List 2018 – Fodors Travel Guide

Indeed, the famous Lost Coast Trail, a 24.6-mile trek, draws hikers from all over the globe to seek adventure in this lush locale brimming with secret seaside coves, black sand beaches, and

Japan dos and don'ts:etiquette tips for first-time

Japan is warm and welcoming to travellers, but its unique culture can be as inscrutable as it is intriguing for the first-time visitor. To help create a faux-pas-free journey, arm yourself with a few of these handy etiquette tips before your trip:from when to bow and take your shoes off, to when it’s OK to be a noisy eater and what not to do with your chopsticks.