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What to see

lundi 18 avril 2011, par willy

A few ideas for a week or fortnight long stay in Port en Bessin, discovering the Bessin area and Normandy. You may pick and choose according to your mood and the Normand weather…

  • Day one : exploring the town On Sunday morning, strolling along the large Port en Bessin farmers market, you can plan your menus and supplies for the week with your pick of fresh seafood and produce. Your may walk futher to discover the harbor, and stroll along the dock, awaiting for the swing bridge to return to reach the lighthouse at the end of the pier. The sight of the boats leaving and returning will rejoice guests of all ages. You will want to touch both the green and the red lighthouses in the course of the week…
  • Day 2 : The DDAY beaches You will certainly wish to walk on the history filled sand of Utah beach in Arromanches. You will be moved to tears stepping on the American soil of the Colleville cemetry, overlooking Omaha Beach, and you will loose yourself in the lunar landscape of the Pointe du Hoc.
  • Day 3 : the 20th century After a morning visiting one of our Memorial museums (Arromanches, the Caen Memorial), you can enjoy a day on a beach such as the amazing Omaha Beach, with activities ranging from wind-sailing to picnicking and swimming.
  • Day 4 : Medieval town of Bayeux Discovering the Medieval treasures of Bayeux will take you back a good 1000 years, with a visit of the Queen Mathilde’s tapestry and the tale of William the Conqueror, King of England. The Tapestry of Bayeux is part of Unesco World Heritage
  • Day 5 : The sea, the Cotentin area Craving for clear waters, wild, end of this world landscapes ? Then make time for a trip up north towards Cherbourg, St Vaast La Hougue, Barfleur and the Cotentin peninsula. A ride around the peninsula of La Hague, the dunes and palm grove of Vauville will win you over to the gentle climate and wild beauty of the place. If you fancy a picnic on a sandbank…look for an oyster and seafood outlet, there’s always one around.
  • Day 6 : Among the salt meadows rises the Mount.Day 6 : Among the salt meadows rises the Mount. More south, reaching the borders of Normandy but still within an hour drive, you cannot miss the Mont St Michel and the climb up this unique medieval town propped on the sea, with the St Michel Church at the top. From a view point, you will observe the tide rising up as fast as a running horse, and always remember it.
  • Day 7 : Not enough time to see it all ? Here are a few tips to make it into a longer stay
    • Idea N°1 : Enjoy our many festivals
      • March : Bayeux’s international Circus Festival
      • May : Port en Bessin’s fishing ports challenge
      • June : D.DAY and June 44 landing commemorations
      • July (first week-end) : Medieval fair
      • July (end of July) : music festial “Tout un foin”
      • August : the Cathedral…or the beach !
      • September : Heritage days
      • October : the Bayeux war correspondents award
      • The sea scalops festival in Port en Bessin
    • Idea N°2 : Parks and gardens. A green Normandy.

Visit the gardens of Castillon, Cambremer, the Ravallet or Martinvaast Castles, the Vauville palm grove. Also, go on a hike or explore one of the customs paths and discover the castles and manors of Brécy, Creully, the Argouges manor, the many fortified farms .

    • Idea N°3 : Explore Caen and the Castle of the Dukes of Normandy
    • Idea N°4 : Deauville, Trouville and « Les Planches » promenade -** Idea N°5 : Honfleur and its painters -** Idea N° 6 : a trip to Chausey Islands
    • Idea N°7 : A hike accross the bay of Mont St Michel